Final Reflection

General Overview             When I first registered core 2096 and found out that there is no final exam or a midterm exam, I realized that it was going to be an adventurous course as the scale of assessment is beyond exams. Having exams in a course does not necessarily assure that a student is learning;… Continue reading Final Reflection


Soliya project

International Migration In search for a bright future, many people leave their countries and families behind for a better standard of living. Some escape from the extreme conditions of poverty or war, and others flee for better opportunities that are not available in their home countries. Reasons vary from one individual to the other; however,… Continue reading Soliya project

Online security presentation

Online security  Presentation overview: Difference between online safety and online security How safe are we on the internet? considering all the info we share on the internet ex: personal info, location, etc. Hackers’ traits & techniques How to ensure your safety and secure yourself whether online or offline.