Soliya session reflection “Extreme situations”

Every human takes a path of life where he gets exposed to various situations in which his spirit directs his behavior in a certain way to satisfy his life goals. These behaviors led by the human spirit are automatic ones. A person uses his full mental capacity as well as physical strength if needed when these situations reach extremism. During an extreme situation, few thoughts occupy the human mind: the outcome of the situation a person is trapped in, his inner emotional condition plus any external factors. In my opinion, the emotions are the most critical aspects when it comes to emergency situations. These emotions reflect the extremity of the situation and any past emotional experiences act as a support. Logically, the positive emotions would reflect in a positive way and the negative ones would have negative consequences.
However, sometimes negative emotions could result in a positive way which depends on the reaction of the human spirit that makes the change. By the change, I mean altering the negative attitude with positive one that produces an utmost behavior.
One extreme situation that concerns the globe is the refugees dilemma. The extreme
situation that these refugees are facing is whether to be vulnerable to death in their own home or resort to other countries where the refugees lose their identities and hostility would be very hard for them to find. Sometimes the motives of those who fight for survival are different but the results could be the same. For example, some refugees are willing to take the risk of travelling under any conditions, while others are driven by their emotions to do so. These emotions are aroused by family love, fear or the dangerous stressful situation of being a refugee.


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