Soliya Reflection

Although it’s not my first time that I interact with people from the western side of the world the Soliya experience was one that added value into my account. It is very crucial that western and eastern cultures get together or interact together more often than that whether in the form of a dialogue or by any other way. However, dialogues seem to be one of the easiest methods of gathering people from around the world to get to know each other. Regardless that people have differences in opinions, ideologies and political views I see that dialogues enhance or shortens those aspects. What is important isn’t that we convince each other or influence each other about what to believe in or what is right or wrong; what is important is to enhance social relations from all around the world. Those who formed the idea of Soliya should deserve massive credit as this project is very crucial to the enhancement in social relations between the two sides. It doesn’t matter what topics are introduced in the Dialogue, the fact that people get along in one conversation is by itself an add on. I really enjoyed my experience in the Soliya program to an extent that I would actually want to be part of something that relates to the east-west relations.


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