Digital narrative game prototype

“Meeting the Purpose”
When making a long term decision, you go through doubts and fears of what the consequences
are going to be. This decision is highly affect by your loyalties and liabilities. Generally, a
person follows his instincts but if they failed him he loses the intended purpose. For example, in war, soldiers and nurses join the military in hopes to serve their country. However, later on, a soldier may find himself confused about his doings. He follows orders to kill people who could be innocent. Then, he may get trapped in the thought of guilt and question himself about meeting the purpose.
Player type & characters:
– Males ( a soldier or a medic )
– Females ( a soldier or a nurse )
Nature of the game:
– War zone
Game format:
– Player’s country is going to war and he/she has to decide on whether to serve the country
or to flee leaving their families behind.
– In case of the serving the country:
 Player is notified that the true intention of this war/service is against his values and
principles. ( ex: killing innocent people )
 Option one: player chooses to protect his battle buddies and kill innocent people or
 Option two: Player doesn’t kill those innocent people but this will endanger his battle
– Noted that: if player chooses to be a killer, he feels guilty.
&; if he endangered his friends, he will be sent for trial.
 Both actions may lead that the player seeks psychiatric assistance to avoid nightmares
or player attempts to suicide.
– In case of fleeing without his family:
 Player receives a message that a family member or a close friend has passed away.
 Option one: player goes back to his country and will get imprisoned for treason.
 Option two: player continues to flee and his family will forsake him.
 He feels guilty and responsible for what happened. It is possible that he attempts
– At last, the player is asked what he could have changed about his decision to meet his
purpose of serving the country.


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